Terms & Conditions

This document clarifies the standard sales and payment provisions NORSTAT uses.


All bills of sale from NORSTAT have a 15 days’ leniency period. Late payment incurs an additional debit of repo rate + 8 percentage points (per annum). Large projects (>15 000 EUR) will be invoiced in advance with 50% of the agreed amount at signed contract, and the remaining 50% at the completion of the project or transfer of data. A monthly billing is possible if the project exceeds 2 months, though this is only possible through agreement.

The quote is based on the exchange rate at the date of the offer. NORSTAT has the right to renegotiate/adjust the offer should the exchange rate fluctuate by more than 5% from the date of the offer.

The extension and validity of an offer

All written and vocal offer from NORSTAT are valid for 1 month from the date it was given unless otherwise agreed upon. All tasks performed beyond what is stated in the original offer will be billed on an hourly basis at current NORSTAT rates in agreement with the client. NORSTAT reserves the right to renegotiate the agreed price if the project is extended or the bid was made based on missing or incomplete information from the client.

Cancellation or delays

At a cancellation of an agreed upon project the client will be billed 10% of the agreed price and the actual costs run up by the given date. At a delay of a project or project elements, the extra costs this results in for NORSTAT will be added to the bill. This also concerns any extra costs which occur from poor selections supplied by the client.


A mutual confidentiality will exist between the parties regarding projects, trade secrets, concepts and products. This also includes all information which is not common knowledge, but is made available to the other party in connection with a project.

Legal rights

NORSTAT owns all legal rights to bids and offers for a project which is proposed by NORSTAT without an agreed fee for the work it involves. Such bids and offers are protected by law against possible uses by NORSTAT’s competitors.

All data, the questionnaire, resulting analysis and reports belong to the client. Excepted from this are syndicated surveys or standardised products and projects where NORSTAT owns the patented rights. The client warrants that no personal data will be collected through questionnaires customized by the client, cookies placed by the client, or by other measures implemented by the client in connection with the services or products delivered by NORSTAT subject to these terms.

Analytical methods, technical means and computer systems used in a given project do not belong to the client, and the client has no exclusive rights to either of these. This include design and layout of online reports, clients web portals, forms and reports.


Both the name of the client and NORSTAT must be announced when publishing the results from projects completed by NORSTAT. Please note that it is especially important to publish possible reservations and uncertainties regarding the quotas which the survey is based on in connection with web based surveys.

If wrongful numbers or misleading excerpts from the results are published, NORSTAT reserves the right to publish the results from the same survey to supply a more correct and neutral statement.


NORSTAT is not bound by possible errors in an offer which are considered obvious by both parties. Such errors are subject of immediate mutual information without ungrounded delay.

At occurring errors in the results or the reports due to faulty data, selection lists, etc., supplied by the client, NORSTAT will do the corrections at the client’s cost.

At possible errors due to NORSTAT in the results or reports, NORSTAT’s obligations are limited to making corrections at no costs to the client. Aside from this the Norwegian Law covers recoveries and corrections of errors in general.

In no circumstances can NORSTAT be held responsible for any financial losses by the client as a result of the use of data or results produced by NORSTAT.

Force Majeure

Norstat shall not be liable for any delay or failure caused by or resulting from acts of natural disasters, government intervention, embargoes, strikes, labour difficulties, equipment failures, weather, market trends or any other causes beyond the control of Norstat.


Both the client and NORSTAT are committed to following the ethical rules as well as the guidelines published by ESOMAR. The client must be made aware that NORSTAT is obliged to operate within the guidelines presented by Data Inspection and / or other official authorities.

Dissensions regarding impact, contents and application of this agreement should be attempted resolved through negotiations between the involved parties. If no conclusion can be reached each of the parties may demand to have a conclusion made by a court.