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Kontori asukoht:
Norstat Eesti AS
Endla 15
10128 Tallinn
+372 680 89 55 (üldtelefon)
+372 680 89 56 (silmast-silma küsitlused)

Norstat kasutab telefoniküsitlustel välja helistamiseks numbrit 766 03 00. NB! Sellele numbrile tagasi helistada ei saa, mistõttu küsimusi ja kommentaare uuringute kohta ootame Norstati infomeilile.
Kuidas meid leida:
Asume Scala City ärihoone 5.korrusel. Kontorisse pääseb Tartu mnt poolsest uksest, korpus A.

Registreerimisnumber: 11444875
VAT kood: EE101186991

Konto andmed:
Danske Bank a/a
IBAN: EE603300332121400008

Privacy policy

Norstat AS, Fridtjof Nansens plass 2, 0160 Oslo, Norway, is responsible for the processing of your personal information, and for keeping it safe. We naturally take appropriate technical and organisational measures to safeguard your personal data, such as using firewalls, encryption and access control to our premises and files.


What data we collect, and how it is used:

We collect and process your personal data based on your consent, in the following ways:

We collect personal data about you that you submit through our contact form (name and e-mail address), for the purpose of contacting you.

Information you submit to us when downloading materials from our website (name, e-mail address, name of your Company) will be used to e-mail you the requested media, and may also be used to send you updates we think you will find relevant.

Personal information that you submit to subscribe to our newsletter (name and e-mail address), will be used to send you our newsletter.

We will never share your personal information with a third party without asking your explicit consent in advance.


Cookie policy

A cookie is a small text file which stores information on your computer. It is used on many websites to give you as visitor access to various features like logging in and remembering what you did the last time you visited the site. On this website, we are using cookies to improve your user experience. You can disable cookies by adjusting the settings of your browser.


Your rights as a data subject

You have the right to see what personal data we have stored about you, to have your information amended or deleted, and to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal information, at any time.


Data Protection Officer

Norstat has a Data Protection Officer, Tone Belsvik, who can be contacted on dpo(at) with any questions or concerns you may have.