10 Recommendations for Successful Online Research Projects

Article 1

This infographic provides you with our top ten recommendations for successful online research projects. It is easier than you might think.

  1. Get an overview of the offer – Try to get everything provided from a single source and there is less to worry about.
  2. Evaluate the quality of the provider panel
  3. Check the price-performance graphic – The pure cost per interview is no valid indicator for the services behind every interview.
  4. Give your fieldwork provider as much information as possible – Only then they can offer the best solutions and avoid bad surprises
  5. Do not forget the details – small difference, big impact: time, budget and resources.
  6. Create a real online questionnaire – multi-media, filters, graphical elements, etc.
  7. Think about the respondents when creating the questionnaire – put yourself in the role of the respondent. Does the filter make sense? Are the questions relevant to you?
  8. Take your time – with only an extra week project time you can significantly enhance the quality of your data without any financial burden.
  9. Have a conversation about the sampling – preferably on a daily basis
  10. Feel free to give feedback about the work

We will be happy to guide you through the process and help you to get the best out of your research project.